JackPro Autogate MegaLock Package

Extra protection with Solenoid Lock

JackPro autogate MegaLock series is designed for customers who are looking for extra protection for their gates. A solenoid lock will be attached in the center bottom of your gate for the lock function. The control panel motherboard for Autogate MegaLock series is different from our normal automated system. This specific control panel board enables the lock after the gate is closed properly.

JackPro Autogate Standard Features:

• Build in Solenoid Lock

• Suitable for swing gate or folding gate

• Dual speed automated system for a soft start / stop

• Emergency panic button for your protection against strangers

• Release Key provided for malfunction of the automatic gate

• Operated with rechargeable backup battery during power failure

What is in the package

• JackPro hydraulic automated Arm

• 4-channel user friendly remote control

• Release key for Arm and Solenoid Lock

• Acid lead rechargeable backup battery

• Transformer

• Control panel motherboard

Optional upgrade features

• Auto close function

A “beep” sound from the siren in the control panel box and subsequently, the gate will close automatically after a specific period. Suitable for family with kids and elderly who are reckless in forgetting to close the automatic gate.

• Smart Guard for Master Lock

Push button inside the house can be locked and disabled freely by using the transmitter.

• Burglar alarm system

When force entry is detected, alarm will triggers immediately to alert you and your family. This is to prevent break in by frightening burglars who are attempting to enter your house. Similar autogate package can be found here.


Simply call us and let us know your needs for your gate. Our staff will provide professional advices in choosing the right automatic gate system for you. Schedule for a day for a precise installation by our technician. The installation for a normal autogate will takes approximately two hours.




Disclaimer: Picture may differ slightly from actual product.