Autogate DJ1 Package

Heavy Duty Auto Gate System Model DJ-1




Autogate JackPro DJ-1 is an electromechanical system which is designed for automatic gates. The system is remotely operated that enables consumer to open and close the gate hassle-free.

Designed to support large and bulky swing or folding gates with heavy duty motor.

Ease of use. Precise installation by our technician and simple maintenance to prolong the life span of your automated gate system.







Autogate Standard Features:

• Autogate system suitable for Swing Gate & Folding Gate

• Build in Key Release for ease of use or you can refer to this similar product

• Backup battery provided in case of power failure

• Max leaf opening angle 110°

• Dual speed operated in 10-15 seconds to prevent collision

• 4-channel rolling code remote control

Autogate Special Features:

• Panic siren

Panic emergency siren operated with the remote control. Designed to protect your family from unwanted strangers wandering outside the house. Simply press on the specific button on the remote control to trigger emergency panic siren to frighten strangers.

• Burglar alarm system

Alarm triggers immediately when force entry is detected. Ideal to prevent break in and alerts your family when the autogate is forced open for half inches,

• Smart Guard for Master Lock

Simply enable Smart Guard function and the push button inside your house is disabled. Suitable to use when everyone is out from the house and preventing strangers / maid to use the push button.

• Auto-close function

Autogate will close automatically after specific period. Pros for elderly who always forgets to close the autogate. Don’t have to worry whether the autogate is closed properly after rushing out from the house.

• User friendly mobile control

Forgotten to bring along your remote control? No worries, now you can control your autogate system with your mobile phone Application via Wifi.

Autogate System Site Reference

Site installation @ Alam Sutera, Bukit Jalil




Disclaimer: Picture may differ slightly from actual product.