About Us

Malaysia’s leading manufacturer in automatic gate system.

JackPro Master was founded in Malaysia in 1988 to provide our customers with personalized service for auto gate system to meet their needs. With years of experience, we have successfully provided all kinds autogate services to several business and personal entities. Nonetheless, we are still trying our very best in improving our personal service.

With our wide range of automatic gate services, JackPro managed to cover a broad range of clients in Malaysia, mainly industrial and household users which are based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Furthermore, we have our authorised autogate dealers throughout East Malaysia and West Malaysia to reach more clients in providing services for auto gate system.

What do we do?

JackPro specialize in designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing house automation system, mainly in autogate system. All of our products are tested to meet the critical standard by our highly trained technical personnel before launching our autogate products into the market to ensure and enhance the gate system’s securities for our customers.

Moreover, all of our autogate technicians are well trained to meet the standard in installing and servicing auto gate system. They had undergo several trainings to ensure that they are able to diagnose the problem of the autogate system and evaluate accurately at the site to provide a highly accurate assessment to our clients.

Our Aim

As the technology moves faster, our engineers are committed to improve and integrate with more home autogate automation systems to provide the best auto gate system to the market which could meet everyone’s needs.

JackPro promises to provide the best service through competitive pricing to our customers. We are improving to ensure that our customers enjoy both convenience and ease of use of automatic gate system.